Our Final Poster Project: Playlist

poster 1 globettes

poster 2 wildcard

Last day of class = marathon printing party. First we brainstormed songs and created a spotify playlist. Then, using Globe Poster wood type, visual language, and ornaments, we designed two posters that could serve as promotions for the playlist–just like Globe Poster did for 80 years, with showcards that advertised everything from local carnivals and church fairs to car races and R & B, rock, funk, go-go and hip-hop concerts. As an extra challenge, each group of poster designers had to incorporate a Globe-ish word into their design: “shake” for one group, “wild” for the other.

Screen-printed backgrounds courtesy of the Globe interns… Gracias!

Our Final Book Project: A Brief and Partial History…

0 cover

A timeline of significant events, both large and small, in the history of printing and publishing in Baltimore! Our choice of events was, of course, limited by how much we could produce in just two weeks. Many of the works mentioned in the timeline we also examined in the original in class.

After a whirlwind introduction to letterpress printing with Mary Mashburn and Allison Fisher of MICA, students each set by hand several hundred characters in a typeface of their choosing (within certain parameters of size, etc.), designed a page, and printed it on MICA’s suite of sweet, sweet Vandercooks. With able assistance from the fabulous Globe interns.

This limited edition of post-bound books are available for purchase for $20 at the George Peabody Library, the Evergreen Museum & Library, and the Homewood Museum. Your purchase will support innovative, hands-on classes in Johns Hopkins’ Sheridan Libraries and University Museums… what more could you ask!