The Future of the Linotype

The linotype is a composing machine producing lines of words as single strips of metal, used chiefly for newspapers. It is now rarely used. It was the gateway between handset type and the digital era. It’s a complicated and time consuming. It’s obsolete.

While I think that the linotype is an important part of history, the machine itself is so intricate that few people truly know how to work it. And when people want to print something the old fashion way, they don’t think to use a linotype, they handset it by themselves. In this day and age, so much of what we do everyday is through technology and essentially done for us. So when it comes to word art, using your hand to print something is significantly more rewarding than using a machine- even if it’s an ingenious mechanism.

The linotype machine might be obsolete, however the history of the apparatus will be studied and remembered for years- even as we continue to develop in this digital world we live in.



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