The Co-Existance of Letterpress and Digital Printing

Letterpress printing creates beautiful invitations, cards, and other small commercial printing items and will therefore continue to co-exist with digital printing. The mass-printing world is dominated by digital printing for good reason, but digital printing can’t create the same manually created, stamped-in look that letterpress printing offers. With the new letterpress techniques that allow printers to create three-dimensional bashed prints, the letterpress will always have a place in the high-end commercial world. Wedding and other party invitations look great when printed using the letterpress to stamp and ink words into the paper. It gives the paper a more personal, high-end look that digital printing can’t duplicate. Until digital printers can replicate this look, there will always be a space for letterpress.

The digital printing world will continue to dominate, but only the hand-printed letterpress prints are an art form. Fortunately, letterpress printing can survive as a beautiful art form because it allows for the creation of imperfect yet skillfully printed small items that have a very distinct look and feel. Digital printing looks very different because it can’t offer the ability to create slightly imperfect, unique items. I love letterpress prints because the ink on certain letters isn’t perfect meaning the letters look like they have been used in a beautiful way that causes surface blemishes. Digital printing will continue to print items of all types in mass because it is so efficient and relatively cheap. It doesn’t require nearly the same amount of skill or time, but there will always be a place for laborious letterpress printing as long as it continues to be a high-end method of printing.

Title page of the class book

Title page of the class book


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