After The Class

I took the class “The Art of the Press” because I wanted to try something new. I would have never known about letterpress printing, wood type and linotype before taking this class. Now that I have taken this class, I can begin to admire letterpress printing as an art. However, the text printed with letter press is different from digitally printed text. It is amazing that letterpress uses various type-faces. Wood type is currently used to make posters. The lines and curves may not be perfect compared to the digitally printed art-work. The ink used to print digitally with laser printers is different from the ink that is used in letterpress printing. It is amazing that people could invent such a complex machine, the linotype. However, because of the advent of the personal computer and printer, people do not use letterpress and linotype very much anymore. The posters are now unnecessary because people can see advertisements on television or on the internet. Besides, some musicians still make posters today. In the past, people printed poster with wood-press, but now the posters are printed digitally. Posters Now, as a part of printing history, letter-press has become a part of history. Art is arguably something that people do not normally do. Digital printing will become an art in the near future.


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