A frank challenge and reflection to letterpress printing

I have to say that letterpress printing is not feasible and way too much work for a function that is no longer really needed. Allow me to elaborate; letter-press printing requires so many steps to print one simple blurb. First you have to set all your type. But that is not even the worst of it, after you set your type, you need to place and “lock” your blurb onto the letterpress machine, that means getting random pieces of “furniture” to fill up the extra space. Often times this can be up to 30 different pieces of furniture. And then you have to “lock” your little blurb. And after you have locked everything you still need to put tiny pieces of copper to make sure everything is tight and precise. Which I find weird, like, why does it take more work to fill up blank space then to set the type … and why is there more blank space than the type. Obviously, I get why the printing press was revolutionary in comparison to monks writing … but still, when you think of using the printing press you don’t think of all the effort that goes in to making sure the blurb is “locked”.

And I don’t think letterpress or even wood press is necessary anymore, because both newspapers, and most posters, invitations, are now done electronically. So I have to say, while it was fun to make our blurbs and posters, that I think letterpress lacks a future.



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