Our Final Wood Type Project: A “Globe” Inspired Poster!

intersession poster intro to street crossing

This poster was created with vintage wood type in MICA’s Globe Poster collection, from the Baltimore-based Globe Poster Company (1929-2010). Globe was renowned for its colorful concert posters advertising jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, soul, R & B, funk, go go, and hip-hop performances up and down the East Coast. They also made showcards for visiting circuses, burlesque theaters, even church fundraisers. You can read about the history of Globe here and here, and get a glimpse of its poster archive here. Keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming documentary film about Globe by local filmmaker John Lewis (students got to see an advance cut). In the meantime, you can catch this video of a community conversation about Globe’s history, its contribution to the East Coast music scene, and its place in Baltimore printing, which was held at the Creative Alliance in tandem with its Globe exhibit in April 2013.

Students were inspired by the Globe Poster aesthetic, as well as the type, ornaments, and photo cuts in the collection, to create a poster for a fake class at Hopkins. Designed to emulate the registrar’s official class listings—but with the visual pop of Globe—the poster plays on a bit of well-known Homewood lore: the frequent sight of smartphone-focused students attempting to cross a popular intersection near campus. A perfect finale for a class about the history of print and its current role in our increasingly digital world.


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